About Baraa



Baraa is a full-time father, husband and like to see people smile. He has led an extensive and successful career in entertainment, where he first debuted in 2008 as an opening act for the famous and critically acclaimed Axis of Evil comedy show. During Axis of Evil, Baraa performed for an audience of over 2,000 people while sharing the stage with international and regional comedians who have the same passion for making people laugh.

Since his debut, Baraa has been active in his career as an entertainer. He has been an emcee for events by Redbull, PUMA, IGN, Mercedes, Batelco, Aramco, Oredoo, and other large and widely recognized companies. He has also performed in both local and regional comedy shows with the likes of Bobby Lee, Eric Griffin, Sebastian Maniscalco, Ahmed Ahmed And  Maz Jobrani.

Baraa also discovered his talent as an emcee when he hosted his first event at Seef Mall Bahrain in 2008. Since his debut at Seef Mall, Baraa has spoken at a wide variety of events, such as car launches, corporate events, cultural events, public events, tournaments, talent shows, video game and pop culture conventions, and many more.

In addition to actively entertaining audiences full of hundreds of people, Baraa has read the nightly news for Bahrain TV since 2012.